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Welcome to Interaction Design & Media at TU Berlin!

In 2005, Gesche Joost joined the Deutsche Telekom Laboratories (T-Labs), a collaborative research and development center between Deutsche Telekom and the Technical University of Berlin.

T-Labs have always been striving for excellence in innovation and have been among the first in the IT and telecommunications area to expand their interdisciplinary approach to Design Research. The Design Research Lab has been quickly established and continues to grow. Today, the team is led by Prof. Dr. Gesche Joost, and consists of a senior researcher, Dr. Rosan Chow, and five researchers who are completing their PhDs, namely Tom Bieling, Katharina Bredies, Sandra Buchmüller, Fabian Hemmert, Jan Lindenberg and Alex Müller. Additionally, five student workers and numerous international interns participate in our research projects. In future, we plan to further expand our team and we are regularly seeking high caliber applicants for our areas of research interest.

We employ design research to innovate, to produce relevant knowledge, as well as to contribute to design research discourse. We provide a cultivating environment for PhD candidates in Design and educate future designers through the Bachelor and Masters programs. Our goal is to become a leading design research lab nationally as well as internationally. We strengthen our internal intellectual capacities by:

  • Running a weekly Design Colloquium
  • Conducting regular dissertation reviews
  • Inviting international scholars and researchers for lectures and workshops
  • Lecturing at various German and international universities.

We share our knowledge and experiences within the broader design community by:

  • Regularly participating in design research conferences as well as in interdisciplinary contexts
  • Publishing in conference proceedings, in journals and books
  • Hosting Design Research Network: a platform for discussion and debate amongst young design researchers
  • Running the Design Research Network Learning Conference “Questions & Hypotheses” in Berlin, October 2008.
  • Collaborating with international design researchers and institutes
  • Transfering our knowledge to our industry partner, Deutsche Telekom AG.

For more information about the Design Research Lab, please visit our website, www.design-research-lab.org.



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